Rabiya Fawad aged 34, has been unwell for quiet few years with having tumour and cysts on Lmpynode and has been operated every time she had tumor around her neck, chest, underarm and surrounding areas.
She had an accident four years ago and doctor had to put her in to coma because of her critical condition. By Grace of Allah she recovered well enough to go back to work. She has been teaching from last 18 years to support her family financially.
She got married in 2016 and had baby boy (Muhammad Yahya) who just turned a year old on 7th of September 2018.
She is a brave and strong lady and has already overcome many obstacles in her life and with her illness like a warrior.
She is such a beautiful person inside out. Everyone she met loved her because of her amazing personality, living and caring nature.
In August 2018, Rabia Fawad became very ill and had to go through lots of tests and was diagnosed with stage 4 lungs cancer and needs to start her Chemo ASAP.
She has to give up her job which means no job no money!!
We’re reaching out to everyone out there to support our respected teacher Rabiya Fawad financially for her treatment.
Her treatment costs around 10 million Rupees (10,000,000).
Please contribute as much as you can, every rupee counts!

Muslim Commercial Bank (MCB)
Account Title: Sadia Rakhshanda